How To Increase Website Traffic With Article Rewriters and Article Spinning

Published: 17th January 2012
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Article rewriting is the process of recreating an article you have written but using different words and terms to convey the same idea as the original.

If you are wondering what possible benefit there is to rewriting your articles; on the Internet, website owners tend to recreate articles to increase the number of websites that link to their websites.

The way it works is that you have a greater chance of making sales or making money from advertising on your website if you have lots of visitors to your site. This in turn, is greatly influenced by how close to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPís) the search engines place your website links for the terms (keywords) people are searching for. In other words, if your website is displayed on page 1 of Google for the term Ď42 inch televisioní, you will receive far more of the visitors who search for that term than if your website is on page 3 or page 20 and if your web page is in first place you will get ten times as much traffic as if it is in the tenth place.

Among other things search engines judge your sites popularity based on the number (and ranking) of websites that link to it. Therefore, the more websites you can get to link to your website, the better your site will be positioned.

Article marketing is one way to boost your websites ranking. It involves creating and publishing articles that others can use as free content on their own sites. The way this works is that each article has a section in which you can include a short profile and links to your website. Once published, these links serve as votes for your website.

It is possible to generate hundreds or thousands of links pointing to your website by using this method over and over again. Unfortunately, search engines, and especially Google, the biggest - don't count all of the links pointing to your website when they see the same article pointing to yours over and over again; so the effect can be quite diluted. Rewriting your articles (and spinning them) is an effective way of making them to be seen as unique by search engines so that you receive the full benefit of links pointing towards your website.

Spinning your articles is another way of rewriting your articles but has an automatic component to it. The process of article spinning can either be fully automated or part automated and part manual.

The process of article spinning involves the tool matching the words in your article to words from a library of synonyms. A set of these synonyms are inserted in your article as alternatives to the words they match. Once you click to activate the spin, several (or hundreds of) articles are generated in which the chosen words are replaced with random ones from the alternatives previously inserted.

This means that each automatically created article is unique and different from every other one. You can also create alternative phrases and sentences which are also spun in to your article randomly to make it more unique.

Article spinning is classed as either manual or automatic. Spinning is counted as automatic when the synonyms are automatically chosen and inserted in your article. In manual spinning, you decide exactly which synonyms can be used in your article. In other words, since words have different meanings depending on the context e.g. coach as in a trainer or coach as in a means of transport, you get to decide which of the alternative words make good replacements. Automatic spinning should always be avoided as it often produces rubbish.

You can combine article rewriting and spinning to get even more unique articles. In addition, there are article spinning tools that also help you distribute your spun articles to article directories so that every directory receives a different copy.

The main benefit of using article rewriting and spinning tools is that they help you generate links that would take months of writing of unique articles to generate. Another benefit is that republishing your articles can help your site get new visitors when people click on the links in your article to seek further information.

Many search engines on the other hand frown on you creating and publishing multiple articles that are very similar about the same topic. They consider you to be cluttering up the Internet. Even though spun articles can be highly unique, search engines may in future find ways to stop links from unique spun articles helping your website ranking.

If you are looking for good article modifying tools there are many varieties including online and offline spinners and combination spinners and rewriters.

You can easily get hold of free spinners, but most of these automatically generate and insert synonyms so that they could conceivably change and publish the nonsensical statement "he plays with the remote control" to "He operas with the far control" just because they are synonyms even though they don't apply in this case. You should never use an automatic spinner that inserts synonyms in your articles without you specifically choosing them.

Article rewriting, especially when combined with article spinning is a very effective method of gaining website traffic through the publishing of unique articles for use by other websites and directories. For it to work properly though, you need to use good tools that generate unique readable articles.

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